Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition

Microsoft offers Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition for developers working alone or in small teams who build mission-critical, multi-tier applications. The Professional Edition expands on the Standard Edition feature set to include tools for remote server development and debugging, SQL Server 2005 development, and a full, unconstrained development environment. Professional developers will enjoy unfettered access to the .NET Framework 2.0, a robust, fully functional development environment, support for creating tools that extend the Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment, and tools for creating multi-tier Windows and Web applications. With Visual Studio 2005, professional developers can:
Enjoy a complete development environment with comprehensive application development features
Develop and debug multi-tier server applications from within the unified development environment
Build solutions for SQL Server 2005 using integrated project types, deployment tools, and debugging features Build tools that extend the Visual Studio IDE using the Visual Studio SDK