8 Opera Widgets for Web Designers and Developers

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via MakeUseOf.com by Ross McKillop on 9/22/08


In this roundup of Opera widgets we’ll showcase the eight that are most helpful for designing and developing web pages.

Due to Opera’s speed and strict adherence to web standards, it makes for a great web design/development browser.

With the addition of these widgets your design/development tasks will become that much easier.

Screen Ruler the Opera Widget

1. Screen Ruler

Screen Ruler is exactly what you’d think it is - a tool that allows you to measure the space on your screen - specifically in Opera. Just click the grid in two places to measure the distance between the points (in pixels). To remove the points, click again. You can create straight lines by using the Shift key.



Colours of the Rainbow Opera Widget

2. Colours of the Rainbow

Colours of the Rainbow allows you to quickly select a colour and view its HSV, RGB and CSS hex codes. It can be quickly “folded up” to take up less screen real-estate when it’s not in use.

CSS Help Opera Widget

3. CSS Help

CSS Help provides you with quick access to the W3C CSS 2.1 codes, right on your desktop. The built in search makes finding tags super-quick.

Site Validator Opera Widget

4. Site Validator

Site Validator combined with a validate.xml file that contains a list of all the files (HTML/CSS) allows you to quickly confirm files and links are correct. Alternately, you can link to a standard sitemap.xml, but I’ve had issues (errors when there shouldn’t be) using that method.



Javascript Cheatsheet Opera Widget

5. Javascript Cheatsheet

Javascript Cheatsheet provides quick reference to JS information from the Mozilla Developer Center.



Character Map

6. Character Map

Character Map allows you to quickly find and select various typographic characters. Once found, just click the character and it’s placed into the text field where it can be easily copied.



HTML entities Opera Widget

7. HTML Entities

HTML Entities is a floating sheet that displays all HTML Entities (Latin-1, Greek, Math and other) with descriptions that can be toggled on or off.



charge by the hr opera widget

8. Charge by the Hr

Charge by the Hr allows you to keep track of the time you’ve spent working on a project. It also allows you to put in an hourly rate, so you can see how much you’ve made as time passes (a bit of motivation).

So what do you think of these widgets? Have you used them yourself? Would you use them? Do you have any favourites of your own you’d like to add? Let us know in the comments.