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Electronic Arts Bets Big on a New Game
Wall Street Journal - USA
Instead, the company in June began offering a free software download called Spore Creature Creator. It allows players to create virtual life-forms, ...
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Alfresco Selected to Power Content Services
MarketWatch - USA
Alfresco's open source content management software is used as the file repository in, which allows users to simply share files and documents ...
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How to Protect Your Computer's Security With Free White-list Software
MediaSyndicate (press release) - USA
Here's how to boost your security with free white-list firewalls." "Old style computer security software works through blacklists of unwanted spyware and ...
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Free TV for all
Sunshine Coast Daily - Queensland,Australia
Equally, there are free software programs available that do this, like Miro. • Move-over "Email and share" and send this page to friends or the wider ...
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Google to Offer Free Internet Browser to Take On Microsoft
Bloomberg - USA
1 (Bloomberg) -- Google Inc., owner of the most popular Internet search engine, will offer its own free Web browsing software to challenge Microsoft Corp. ...
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Q: Should I install Threat Fire? - Phoenix,AZ,USA
This is also why anti-virus software can't always protect you from infections, especially when opening file attachments or manually downloading "free" ...
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Free Virus Removal Software (press release) - Murino,Montenegro
Some of these infections are able to manipulate free virus removal software in such a way that they are able to shut down certain tasks which are performed ...
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Bring 'n burn
SA Instrumentation and Control - Durban,South Africa
These are valid viewpoints and in economies where electronic equipment and bandwidth are both cheap, the benefits that access to free software and ...
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Brampton Factor: Open source stands up for its rights - UK
Most often, the economic model open source developers choose is to charge for services, while giving away the software for free. These services may include ...
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Ahsay Backup Software unleashes the FREE Edition! (press release) - USA
September 1, 2008 ( PowerHomeBiz ) - Hong Kong -- The long awaited Ahsay FREE edition backup software has finally been unleashed to the market. ...
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Subtitling With Free Software
By Media Camp
Explore subtitling using FLOSS (Free Libre Open Source Software). We’ll learn about options on Linux and Windows for adding subtitling to a video. Participants are encouraged to bring a short video in AVI form to subtitle. ...
Portland Grassroots Media Camp -

Free Music Zilla 1.0.5
By Maniak Free Software!!!(Maniak Free Software!!!)
It's simple to accomplish and a absolutely hear-and-get tool, from which you can access absolute mount of mp3/music/song chargeless downloadable dj mixer. This software aswell supports the following accent version:English,Czech ...
Maniak Free Software!!!™ -

SymbolicWeb: Ajax and Comet with Lisp
By can.axis
"SymbolicWeb is a GUI or widget server-centric framework for developing web applications. It is written in Common Lisp. SymbolicWeb is free software licensed under the AGPLv3 + GPL linking exception..." (source wikipedia) -- via Lisp, ... - Free Software News... -

AutoCAD 2008
By Maniak Free Software!!!(Maniak Free Software!!!)
your account acutely and calmly with AutoCAD" Brothersoft Editor: AutoCAD 2008 software adds appearance to help accomplish accustomed tasks easier. Annotation ascent and ascendancy of layers by viewport abbreviate workarounds, ...
Maniak Free Software!!!™ -

Why Doesn’t the Government Use Free Software?
By Saskboy
While most of the developed countries have started, a few years back, migrating their technological infrastructures to Free Software, Quebec’s public administration is far behind. In France, hundreds of thousands of desktops used by ...
Abandoned Stuff by Saskboy -