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Software Freedom Day: This weekend!
Geekzone - New Zealand
Everyone is invited to attend, even if you disagree with the free software movement and would like to argue your point. Different things will happen at the ...
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Open source and the Creative Commons - New Zealand
Open source goes back a long way, but as an organised movement has its roots in the 1980s when the Free Software Foundation (FSF) was created by former MIT ...
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42 of the Best Free Linux Graphics Software - Italy
With inexpensive hardware, free software, and a modicum of talent and inspiration, anyone can create... There is a huge range of Open Source software ...
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Cassidy: Linux devotee tries to spread the word
San Jose Mercury News - CA, USA
Instead of free love, it's about free software. The programs are designed and tweaked by volunteers who want to make the software better. ...
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Credativ lands LibDems IT contract
Birmingham Post - Birmingham,West Midlands,UK
Credativ, based in Rugby, specialises in helping organisations benefit from free software. Unlike propriety software such as Microsoft for example, ...
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Free Educational AP and AR Seminar Coming to Dallas
MarketWatch - USA
... COMTEX/ -- AnyDoc Software, an award-winning developer of document and data capture solutions, along with Kodak, will be sponsoring a free educational ...
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Useful free software to fire up your PC
Independent - London,England,UK
As sweet as scoring a free full function Office software suite may be, being truly productive requires access to an industrial grade email app. ...
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Tenebril Releases New Free Version of SpyCatcher Express
MarketWatch - USA
"SpyCatcher Express is a highly praised free service with a loyal following of customers," said Brian McDonald, Process Software President and CEO. ...
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Might Ubuntu and Firefox part ways because of the dreaded EULA?
I would in fact consider it a best practice to have a good brand on a free software project, which means having trademark guidelines. ...
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From the Editors: Read your licenses - San Bruno,CA,USA
That applies to commercial software—and to software that you receive for free. Licenses are controversial in the free software world, whether you’re using ...
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Free software history was made at CONSEGI
By ryan
CONSEGI 2008 was history being made — we spoke with people from the Latin American Free Software Foundation, public officials from Brazil to South Africa, free software activists struggling to convince their governments to adopt the ...
northxsouth : free software news... -

Free software similar to Google Earth?
Is there a mapping software that's free and is similar to Google Earth? If not free something that will let you view...
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"Unmaintained Free Software" wiki
By Grig Gheorghiu(Grig Gheorghiu)
Thanks to Heikki Toivonen, who left a comment to my previous post and pointed me to this Unmaintained Free Software wiki. Python-related projects on that site are here. Hmmm...RPM is an unmaintained Python project? Don't think so. ...
Agile Testing -

The Kinder, Gentler Free Software License
By Tom(Tom)
Unfortunately, the 'free software' crowd abhors such licenses because they allow corporations and governments to 'do their evil' without constraints or accountability. Were I a person who felt that I needed to control 'freedom,' I might ... Tom Bradford -

IK Multimedia Rebuts Mag on Free Software; Why They Missed the Point
By Peter Kirn
There’sa strange debate going on over the free software (as in freeware, not necessarily open source) issue of Computer Music magazine. After seeing the magazine’s top 10 reasons to use free software, commercial developer IK Multimedia ...
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