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Happy birthday, Google - now you can take on the world - UK
In its original (early 1990s) form, a browser was software that provided a passive window on to the web: a way of reading web pages. ...
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Google Chrome Reflects A Desktop In Decline
InformationWeek - Manhasset,NY,USA
After 10 years as a company, Google is making the Chrome browser key to the coming of age of cloud computing, or software as a service. ...
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Google spins world wide web
Times Online - UK
No company has been so dominant in its sphere since Microsoft took ownership of computer desktops with its Windows software — but even mighty Microsoft ...
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Google may face antitrust challenge over Chrome browser
Belfast Telegraph - United Kingdom
... its core search engine and its new office software. Microsoft itself is still reeling from competition assaults in the US and Europe which prevented it ...
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Mozilla releases second Firefox 3.1 alpha
CNET News - San Francisco,CA,USA
The software, code-named Shiretoko, is at this stage intended for software developers and testers only, with the stable and recommended version of Firefox ...
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Microsoft Might Sabotage Google’s Big Announcement Using Shills
By komrad
Microsoft's former employee (evangelist) is quoted in the press as "analysts" who dislikes Google Chrome. - Free Software News... -

Microsoft.Windows.Vista.ULTIMATE.x64.SP1.Integrate d.August.2008 ...
Microsoft.Windows.Vista.ULTIMATE.x64.SP1.Integrate d.August.2008.OEM.DVD-BIE Megaupload HowTo: ------ Extract Files Burn Image to DVD Boot from DVD Install without serial Do not set a password for your user-account during setup ...
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Microsoft job posting hints at cross-platform Zune environment?
We’ve heard Microsoft compose vague references for some time about a Zune-like experience involving non-Zune devices (Windows Mobile phones, Xboxen), and it looks like they may be making real moves in that direction. ...
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SSC #76 Fair Software Practices
By StraightShootinComputin(StraightShootinComputin)
But apparently, when deciding to spend an estimated $80 million dollars on upgrades to Vista and assorted Microsoft software this year alone, no assessments were made, and no competitive bids were entertained. ...
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If You Thought Microsoft Only Made Bad Software
By Don Ray
Then just watch their new $300000000 commercial staring Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates. Now you can see why the software costs so much and you get so little. This is without a doubt, the dumbest commercial I have ever seen.
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