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End Runs Around Vista
BusinessWeek - USA
Her team is developing touchscreen technology and other software that allows users to circumvent Microsoft's operating system to watch movies or view photos ...
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Microsoft cleans its Windows
Sydney Morning Herald - Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
When Microsoft unveiled Vista in January last year it was plagued by frequent crashes, compatibility problems with both software and hardware, ...
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Microsoft Demonstrates an End-to-End Solution Portfolio for the ...
MarketWatch - USA
S4M (Solutions for Media) will showcase its all-in-one broadcast management system based on Microsoft's latest business management software, Microsoft ...
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VN firm exposes critical flaws in new Google, Microsoft software
VietNamNet Bridge - Hanoi,Vietnam
Google and Microsoft issued patches to deal with the vulnerabilities and released updated versions after a few days. With these exposures, Viet Nam has made ...
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SaaS Takes a Shine to Chrome
Red Herring - CA,USA
... continued foray into Microsoft's core territory and I am not referring to their browser, the real challenge is to Microsoft's software applications. ...
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Intuit Sets Collision Course With Microsoft With On-Demand Apps
CRN - Manhasset,NY,USA
... software-as-a-service sales, field service and warehouse management applications that will put the company into head-to-head competition with Microsoft, ...
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Microsoft, Novell Team Up On Virtualization
InformationWeek - Manhasset,NY,USA
Hyper-V Server 2008, Microsoft's core virtualization technology, will be available as a free download from the software maker's Web site. ...
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Microsoft Hyper-V to VMware: We have you surrounded
The message is clear: Microsoft’s Hyper-V has VMware surrounded and the software giant will beat the virtualization drum forever. ...
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Sun xVM Server and Ops Center update add virtualization options - Needham,MA,USA
... VMware ESX and Sun xVM Server software easily,Wilson said. . This is in contrast to other Xen-based hypervisors, which use Microsoft's VHD format. ...
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Secunia launches pay-as-you-go exploit shop
SEE: Secunia: 28% of all installed apps are insecure ] The Secunia move follows news from Microsoft that it will start sharing details on software ...
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$62.63 - Microsoft Win XP Home OEM CD - w/ shipping
Microsoft Microsoft windows xp home OEM CD with product key - From 9 Software, Inc.
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"Exclusive Interview: Microsoft Admits What Went Wrong with Vista ...
By Shining Arcanine
"But at least Microsoft curbs piracy of Vista and other activated software by treating its customers like criminals, right? Well, not so much. Hacked versions of Vista that simply bypass activation are available on BitTorrent sites ...
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Microsoft Joins OMG and Outlines Modeling Approach
By Doug Holland (Intel)
Given that Microsoft had hired several UML experts from Rational Software, namely Jochen Seemann, Wojtek Kozaczynski, Jack Greenfield and Ed Eykholt, it was assumed that "Whitehorse" would be based upon the UML. ...
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Microsoft patches 8 critical bugs in Windows, Office
By H_acktivis_T
To make his point, Storms noted the broad array of Microsoft software that is patched by the MS08-052 update, including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, .Net Framework, Microsoft Office, ...
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State-of-the-art IT Solutions for JK Helene Curtis by Blue Star ...
By Blue Star Infotech
Delivered through a network of channel partners providing specialized services, these integrated, adaptable business management solutions work like and with familiar Microsoft software to streamline processes across an entire business.
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