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Magazine: Microsoft ad uses Mac software
United Press International - USA
Computerworld says that the originating software stamps on four images posted on a Microsoft Web site are shown as "Adobe Photoshop C3 Macintosh" in their ...
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Why the Google-Yahoo Ad Deal Is Nothing to Fear
New York Times - United States
Brad Smith of Microsoft said Yahoo’s gains would be at the cost of American businesses. It does not. Google does not set the prices. ...
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Open Source Licenses For Academic Work?
Slashdot - USA
Think of the implications of Microsoft if was able to have a similar clause in Microsoft Word, Wordpad, notepad, or even Windows. ...
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When does Copyrighted Software cease to be Copyrighted?
... to wind howls from IKE) was that Microsoft evidently got a patent on up and down scrolling on a page. That requires software and not very much. ...
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The Growing Case for Virtualization
By Brick ONeil
progress on the company’s work with industry partners to ensure interoperability with non-Microsoft software. In part he alsp discusses:. Most people associate virtualization with servers, but application virtualization is really ...
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Have Your Truly Discovered Your Microsoft Office Program
By admin
Well, many people go and buy add-on software to do various things when in reality their current Microsoft Software already has such features. Even worse, sometimes you hear people bad mouth Microsoft and the truth is they really do not ...
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Microsoft’s ‘I’ma PC’ ad images made on Macs
By Dan Ho
Several digital images that Microsoft Corp. has posted on its Web site to trumpet its new “I’ma PC” advertising campaign were actually created on Macs, according to the files’ originating-software stamp. Microsoft’s ‘I’ma PC’ ad images ...
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Microsoft Download Center
We’re using Microsoft Silverlight technology to spruce up the site and make it easier to discover and download Microsoft software. Please note that joining ...