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Napster judge thumped RealDVD but will she ban it?
CNET News - San Francisco,CA,USA
The $30 software allows people to copy DVDs and store their contents on a computer's hard drives. Lawyers for the movie industry told the judge that by ...
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Seeing the bigger picture with the powers of GIMP
Royal Gazette - Hamilton,Bermuda
For example other free software alternatives that can be used for image editing include Paint.NET, CinePaint, Krita, Seashore, and Gimpshop. ...
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AppDeploy Delivers Free Windows Installer Software
MarketWatch - USA
... largest community of application and computer administrators, today announced the availability of a free software tool called AppDeploy Repackager. ...
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AppDeploy Community Launches Free Windows Installer Tool - Encino,CA,USA
AppDeploy, an online community for both systems management professionals and application and computer administrators has released a free software tool ...
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Why Mono and Samba Are Patently Different
ComputerworldUK - UK
Like Samba, it aims to reproduce functionality available on the Windows platform, so that people can use free software instead: a laudable goal in itself. ...
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Nonlinear Dynamics' Progenesis analysis software is chosen by ...
MarketWatch - USA
... Cardiovascular Proteomics Center (CPC) Core Laboratory have chosen the Progenesis software range for their label free LC-MS and 2D data analyses. ...
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XEN Live Migration with iSCSI & OCFS2
By Kam Han Wen (甘汉文)(Kam Han Wen (甘汉文))
Its been slow in coming but I've previously promised to blog about setting up iSCSI / OCFS2 as a means to share XEN domU images so as to facilitate Live Migration. Here we go... Background: Live migration in XEN is the moving of a ...
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Get Free Software Tutorials and Training Video From VTC
By sy
Your job probably requires you to know a new programming language or to use a software application. Learning this new skill in a training centre might put a hole in your pocket if no allowance is allocated by the company. ...
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EU states to discuss Internet filtering
By can.axis
This isn't a direct threat to free software, but Sarkozy's proposal is to give control over Internet connections to the Music industry. Internet connections are important for free software users and developers, and the Music industry is ... - Free Software News... -

[News] Report from a Free Software Conference in South Africa
By Roy Schestowitz
or "toast" in Linux jargon - open source software such as Linux and other | information onto CDs and DVDs. | | "One challenge in developing countries is that free software is generally | distributed online, and in those countries the ...
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Comment on Being Stupid And Litigious Is No Way To Go Through Life ...
By Free Software Reviews
reminds you of some non-tech managers doesn't it ? =P.
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