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Microsoft's Operating Systems Present Many Questions
Evening Bulletin - Philadelphia,PA,USA
"Secunia" is a free software program that will allow you to see if any of your software and programs are out of date. This along with the "TUT" program can ...
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Judge Renews Decision Barring Sale of DVD-Copying Software
Wired News - USA
Still, Hollywood is already reeling from open-source DVD decryption software that is free on the internet. It also says it's losing billions in sales ...
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Testers sought for Blackberry-Linux sync software
eWeek - New York, NY
Information Appliance Associates (IAA) is initially testing its free "PocketMac for BlackBerry, Linux Edition" software on Xandros Linux running the KDE PIM ...
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Has open source won--or has it lost?
CNET News - San Francisco,CA,USA
More broadly, as the Free Software Foundation's Richard Stallman has been lately complaining, the very idea of the Cloud can be seen as conflicting with ...
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IBM Bluehouse brings buzzwords; boggles brains
Computerworld - Framingham,MA,USA
IBM has now bundled this software along with applications for Web conferencing, instant messaging, document sharing and team management into a single ...
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Google promises free consumer trials for Android apps
FierceDeveloper - Washington,DC,USA
... from Apple's rival App Store--some developers have cited the absence of free iPhone consumer trials as a major obstacle to App Store software sales. ...
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Open-source server appliance is "free"
By C733tus
KangarooBox is shipping a "free" open-source server appliance that runs Debian 5 GNU/Linux. Targeting small offices, the silent, fanless "Joey" employs an AMD Geode-based PC Engines ALIX 3c2 single-board computer (SBC), and is given to ... - Free Software News... -

Free Night Halloween Screensaver 1.0
Place a Jack O Lantern on your desktop.
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Thunderbird 3.0 beta turns into alpha
By bridget
The development schedule for Mozilla Messaging's Thunderbird 3 has been changed as the next beta milestone release is being rescheduled to be a third alpha release. - Free Software News... -

Free IP Scanner 1.5
Free IP scanner is a very fast IP scanner and port scanner.
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New Manju project plans to redraw desktop art
By sofiajanney
Most free software projects produce applications for users. A minority, however, produce specifications or libraries for developers and other contributors. - Free Software News... -