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Microsoft updates desktop management tools
InfoWorld - San Francisco,CA,USA
MDOP is composed of software from Microsoft 's purchases of Softricity, Kidaro, AssetMetrix, Winternals Software and DesktopStandard. ...
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The top five reasons why Windows Vista failed
For years Microsoft has been criticized by developers and IT professionals for “software bloat” — adding so many changes and features to its programs that ...
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Microsoft opens up public sector sales
PC Retail - Hertford,England,UK
... the scheme is called Open Licensing Program for Government, and will allow reseller and retailer partners to sell Microsoft software at a pre-arranged, ...
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Seattle Times

Tracking Mozilla's amazing journey
Seattle Times - United States
Before Firefox, Microsoft's Internet Explorer dominated the Web. Now Microsoft's share is down and Mozilla's share is 20 percent. ...
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Microsoft's Ballmer talks about Vista, Xbox and more
San Jose Mercury News - CA, USA
Q What are some of the challenges that have faced Microsoft as it has gone from its base in operating systems and productivity software to more ...
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Open Sauce Software
It's all a bit opaque, but the OOXML standard from Microsoft is maintained by a committee set up by ISO/IEC. called SC34. This is the group tasked with ...
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Microsoft Study Finds Pirated Software Unreliable, Sky Blue - Surry Hills,NSW,Australia
By Greg McNevin October 6, 2008: According to a new study commissioned by Microsoft, companies using unlicensed copies of its Windows operating system are ...
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European standoff over search engine data
International Herald Tribune - France
... a reference to the costly, decade-long antitrust battle that Microsoft fought with European regulators over its Windows operating system software. ...
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Limelight Reworks Software for Microsoft CDN
By Rich Miller
Limelight Networks' loss to rival Akamai (AKAM) in a patent lawsuit has forced Limelight (LLNW) to rewrite the content delivery network software it licensed to Microsoft Corp. (MSFT). Read more at our web site.
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Whats up with Microsoft SLPS?
Even more strange I've seen one allegation that Microsoft is deleting forumn posts asking whats going on. When I searched a bit- I found this in the google cache, but the link generated an error on Microsoft forumns. ...

Ballmer: Zune software coming to Windows Mobile
By Maximus(Maximus)
Integrating the Zune software into a mature—and homegrown—platform like Windows Mobile is a better choice than trying to build new hardware and software from scratch. Microsoft is a software company at heart, and it's very good at ...
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Zune 3 Review, Part 3: Zune PC Software
By NewsBot
In the third part of my Zune 3 Review, I examine the superior Zune 3 PC software! More...
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