"Mediaroom in a Box"

180SQUARED, a team of Microsoft® Mediaroom™ Alumni with extensive Mediaroom product and services expertise, today announced a new Mediaroom solution geared towards smaller carriers. While working with Microsoft to support existing Mediaroom customers with their Software and extensive Mediaroom Services knowledge, 180SQUARED has also been working towards developing an end-to-end solution: the goal being to help smaller carriers in the US to sharpen their business case around IPTV and support Mediaroom as the middleware of choice.

Some of the Key Features of the 180SQUARED "Mediaroom in a Box" solution encompass the following components;

--  Services

    --  Full Architecture and Deployment Services for Mediaroom

    --  B/OSS Integration Service

--  Software

        --  180SQUARED Framework B/OSS Package

        --  Global Operations Manager

        --  B/OSS Interfaces and Work Flow Engine

        --  Basic STB Management

    --  Caller ID

    --  Remote (Web) PVR

"Some new things have been happening in Microsoft recently," said Amir Littman, a Founder and Vice President of 180SQUARED. "Recently, Microsoft has made some major strides in scalability in their software. In addition, with their use of Virtualization, they've effectively now brought a solution that used to require a large server foot print to support their Middleware down to something most smaller carriers can fit into their CAPEX budget."

"In addition," says Littman, "there has been a renewed interest in Microsoft to support these smaller Carriers as they (Microsoft) want to see continued growth in their XBOX 360 and 'Connected Home' markets. This has led them to a path that now supports a licensing model more geared towards supporting smaller carriers."

180SQUARED's Mediaroom in a Box solution takes advantage of these efforts in Microsoft to develop a single end-to-end solution that works in Partnership with smaller Carriers. "The goal is to bring a single end-to-end solution with all the components carriers are asking for, at one low price with a quick time to market," states Littman.

About 180SQUARED

180SQUARED combines unmatched expertise in Microsoft Mediaroom and an extensible integration framework to maximize the profitability of IPTV services for broadband providers. 180SQUARED's mission is to provide to IPTV video system operators a simple streamlined interface to monitor, maintain and add differentiating services to its IPTV environment. The company's Mediaroom products and integration services simplify deployment, reduce delivery and support costs, and maximize revenue potential with advanced functionality. The 180SQUARED Framework enables providers to cost-effectively provision, support, and extend Mediaroom services across a range of hardware devices and B/OSS systems. Founded in 2006, 180SQUARED is headquartered in Pleasanton, California. For more information, visit www.180squared.com.