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RE[7]: Time to invest in cloud computing? - FOSS? - USA
Richard Stallman argues that most people who use GNU/Linux on daily basis have never heard of the GNU project and its ideals of free software because the ...
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Codeweavers Vowes to Give Free Software for All if President Bush ...
Kansas City infoZine - Kansas City,MO,USA
Saint Paul, MN - infoZine - Business Wire - Software developer CodeWeavers, Inc., is poised to provide free software for every American if President Bush's ...
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CDC Software Promotes Bruce Cameron as Company President
SmartBrief - Washington,DC,USA
Designed specifically for retail professionals, NRF SmartBrief is a FREE daily e-mail newsletter. It provides the latest need-to-know news and industry ...
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Company's Lawsuit Over Free Scholarly Organization Tool Generates Buzz
Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription) - USA
As we noted earlier this week, Thomson Reuters Inc. sued the university in a Virginia court this month, arguing that a free software tool made by the ...
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A Free Software Hub For The Life Science Community From PREMIER ... (press release) - USA
October 3, 2008 ( PowerHomeBiz ) - Palo Alto, CA -- PREMIER Biosoft today announced the launch of a free tools portal on their website, dedicating their ...
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Texas announces free software codec
Electronics Talk (press release) - UK
By having a flexible and uncomplicated software framework that is fully optimised with codecs that are ExpressDSP Digital Media (XDM) compliant, ...
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Free Software and Online Services from Microsoft.
By Dale
If you are looking for Free Software and Online Services then this resource guide should help point you in the right direction. … You should refer to the appropriate licensing agreement, terms of use or contact Microsoft if you require ... -

Selling Free Software: Thoughts on Open Source Economics
By Don Rainey
Almost 20 years ago now, I was running an email software company with a few other guys. Our challenge was that our advertising and marketing efforts would prompt users to call us via a 1-800 number to request a free 30 day software ...
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FSF high priority list becomes a campaign, seeks donations
By mountaintroll
After marking the GNU Project's 25th anniversary with an endorsement by Stephen Fry and the relicensing of OpenGL, the Free Software Foundation (FSF) is concluding the month-long celebration by relaunching its high priority list, ... - Free Software News... -

Free Internet security from WOT
By free software downloads - only freeware
The team at Web of Trust intends to grow this free internet security tool, but this is not possible without our help. The badge on Free Software Workshop is a symbol of our secure and reliable software downloads. ...
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See Which Items Are Delaying Windows Startup
By Sanix
I kept on searching for a good alternative which would be free and would atleast do the same thing. I have found one software which logs the startup of Windows very well. It’s BootlogXP. Although it’s not free but it has got a trial ...
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