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Microsoft Hyper-V Server
Microsoft is clearly following the pack in the virtual machine software world. That being said, the company appears to have a fairly strong position ...
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Where does Microsoft go next? - UK
"I believe in software plus services. Our vision is that software runs seamlessly in a number of places," he says. In the future, Microsoft software such as ...
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Ballmer: Zune coming to Windows Mobile
CNET News - San Francisco,CA,USA
Asked for clarification, a Microsoft representative provided the following statement. "We've always said that software and services is a key focal point for ...
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Red Hat undercuts Microsoft on high-performance OS pricing - Framingham,MA,USA
by Elizabeth Montalbano Red Hat Thursday released a Linux software stack for compute-intensive IT environments that it said costs less than Microsoft's ...
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Mr. Softy's Head Is in the Clouds
Motley Fool - USA
Think of "Windows Cloud" as an essential part of Microsoft's "software plus services" strategy, which, from what I can tell, is a mishmash of desktop ...
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BSA cracks down on software piracy - UK
A travel company based in the north of England has been fined a six-figure sum for using unlicensed versions of Microsoft software, an amount negotiated by ...
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Analyst: Microsoft's SearchPerks smacks of desparation
CNET News - San Francisco,CA,USA
Some say the economics, combined with the lack of alternatives, mean that Yahoo will eventually find its way into Microsoft's arms, though the software ...
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Companies nailed for illegal software
SMEweb - London,UK
Procurasell was fined after it was found to be using unlicensed versions of Adobe and Microsoft software, while the Webevents settlement occurred after it ...
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Washington and Microsoft sue fake anti-spyware vendors
Heise Online - Hannover,Germany
... general Rob McKenna and lawyers from Microsoft's Internet Safety Enforcement team are currently pursuing actions against Texan company Branch Software, ...
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Hands-on training in Microsoft software development for matriculants
ITWeb - Gauteng,South Africa
At the end of the year, all students will take the Microsoft 70-431 exam to become a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist: SQL Server 2005. ...
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Comment on Not To Miss Microsoft Software Giveaways for Developers ...
By September Roundup : Make Use Of Authors...
An Introduction To Codecs, Converters and Rippers Behind the Scenes Of Songbird - An Exclusive Interview Not To Miss Microsoft Software Giveaways for Developers [...]
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James Whittaker on Why MS Software "Sucks" Despite Our Testing
By SteveRowe
Microsoft's software is used by a whole lot of people. Eric Raymond once made the comment that all bugs are shallow if you have enough eyes. This applies to closed source software just as much as open source. Within the first few days ...
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Microsoft Software + Services Event: Are you ready to evolve?
Yesterday Microsoft's CEO, Steve Ballmer, was in the UK and presented alongside others at Microsoft's Software + Services event in London. By all accounts I hear it was a really good event and well received by Microsoft partners. ...
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What is new in Microsoft Software Technology for 2008 ?
By Brandon Teoh(Brandon Teoh)
We have last seen the importance of software technology, about how it would make you obsolete. Check it out from Professional Developers Conference 2008 (PDC 2008). Check out all the sessions available, that would give you a hint about ...
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Microsoft Found a New Tool To Dominate Internet – Windows
By Svetlana Gladkova
Judging from what Ballmer told reporters, there will also be some components of Microsoft software that will operate online but they will hardly be fully functional. In contrast to SaaS (software as a service) Microsoft introduces a ...
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